We believe that every child has the right to experience an outstanding Early Years education.

We believe that every child has the right to experience an outstanding Early Years education that will provide the firm foundation for their future learning and development. At Water Meadows, our children are excited and motivated to engage in rich and challenging experiences, both inside and outside of their classroom. We have high ambitions for all of our children, with staff planning carefully to meet each child’s needs and stage of development, ensuring our children get off to a great start in their education. Child initiated play based learning is at the heart of our practice. We carefully plan for opportunities, activities and experiences that develop all of our children into independent, resilient and confident learners.

"Children have an excellent start to education in the early years. Children are nurtured, thrive and make strong progress from their starting points. Early years leadership is outstanding."

"There are good procedures for getting to know children before they start at school and the very positive relationships established at this initial stage continue throughout the children’s time in the early years. Staff know the children very well."

"Children’s well-being is paramount. All children’s welfare needs are met extremely well and all necessary actions are taken to support children whose circumstances may make them vulnerable. Children are nurtured and challenged very well."

"Staff have clear and high expectations to ensure that children are safe, happy and engaged in their learning activities. Teaching is highly effective. Early reading, writing and number are taught very effectively and in fun ways. "

"The trust’s early years leader provides outstanding leadership. Ongoing training, advice, support and monitoring ensures that the aspirations of all staff are very high."

You can also find the latest Ofsted Report here: