Nurture is at the heart of the school where we offer short term, inclusive, focused interventions to help with SEBD needs.

Our nurture room is a calm and inviting base for the children. We provide an inclusive curriculum where we work on literacy including Language Through Colour, maths and phonics.

In literacy we use a focus books that appeal to the children which allows us to offer them a stimulating and colourful learning experience.

Within the Nurture room we also address other aspects of development using child focused, tailor made interventions such as fine motor skills, sensory needs and social and emotional support. All of which are led by the 6 Principles of nurture:

Where needs are identified, well-being interventions will be implemented following a discussion with parents/carers. These may take place in a separate area or may form part of provision within the classroom. All classrooms have a dedicated area where children may withdraw to when they are feeling less settled and need to be in a quieter area in order to focus on their learning tasks. We call it the ‘calm down’ area.

Our aim is to ensure that not only do all pupils feel happy, secure and valued but that they are also able to work in a calm, pleasant and purposeful environment without disruption.